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Amos Block
10 August 1985
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Hmm... biography. I am a pedantic, opinionated, polyglot, agnostic, bisexual student. I think thats most of the fitting labels.

I graduated from University of Washington with a degree in Political Science and one in International Studies focused on Asia, but my interests are really foreign languages, to which end I have taken Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese, and I hope to take more - Arabic and Russian are the next two on my to do list.

Aside from that, I am interested in knowledge in general, and not a lot in particular. I travel whenever I can, and have spent about a quarter of each of the past 5 years abroad. My next big plan is to bike down to Mexico, starting in Mid September '08, and arriving at the end of October, then working in Mexico for two months, traveling South and Central America for two months, and finally working in Chile for two months. From Chile, I hope to catch a boat to New Zealand sometime around early April; that would have me arriving in NZ in mid-May. I'll stay there for a week or two, then spend June and July traveling up through Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand (all hopefully by boat) and finally into Thailand, where I will meet up with a friend doing Peace Core there. After that, I'll head into China, where I will travel until the Olympics blow over, and then settle in Beijing for a month or two while seeking work in Japan - I'll spend the calendar year of 2010 teaching in Japan, after which I have tentative plans to travel through the Arab Nations with a friend of mine - two American Jews, should be interesting - before starting Grad School in Int'l Relations or Int'l Law in the fall of 2011.

It's a hell of a plan, and it should keep my busy for a while.

Last but not least, I hate to add this in here, but I am honest - and it's an expensive trip.

If anyone feels like donating to the effort, anything is appreciated.